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Discover the proven words, phrases and actions
(for your type of affair) that put a halt to your misery
and perhaps the affair.

…An experienced MFT shares all

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From: Dr. Bob Huizenga
RE: 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp

I want to thank you for being here. Learn how the Infidelity Recovery Center (which includes the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp) gives you the depth and practical knowledge to begin tackliing the affair with tested, proven strategies.

Watch the above video or read the information below. See you in the Infidelity Recovery Center!


Learn what you can do to pull your cheating spouse closer NOW (and NOT into the arms of their lover.)

Discover the proven words, phrases and actions (for your type of affair) that offers the best chance, most quickly, to put a halt to your misery and perhaps the affair.

Plain and simple: what most folks do to get their spouse back comes from conventional advice, like:

==>Suggest marriage counseling

==>Tell them how much you love them

==>Do special things for them (meet their needs)

==>Confidently tell them you can work through this if both work on the marriage

==>Tell them how you are going to change

Sorry, but these Just don’t work!

The truth is, your cheating spouse becomes more distant or uses your new behaviors as an excuse to leave you!

You pursue and your spouse emotionally fades away, stonewalls or just plain leaves – to be with their lover.

Time is critical here.

The more time you spend doing what doesn’t work and the more time you spend acting on your desperation, the less the chance this ugly nightmare will be resolved.

Sorry to say, it will only get worse.

Imprint it in Your Heart and on Your Brain that Infidelity has NOTHING to do with LOVE …and the Affair is NOT Your Faulty

I will help you understand the various hidden motives why your spouse is having an affair. (and those motives have absolutely NOTHING to do with you.)

You think infidelity is about falling out of love with you, and in love with someone else. Its NOT.

You think infidelity is your fault; that if only you did something different, if you were a better lover.. blah, blah, blah, this wouldn’t have happened.


Infidelity is NOT YOUR FAULT.

As you are fully exposed to my 7 different types of affairs, and they are laid wide open to you, you will understand why infidelity has nothing to do with love and is not your fault.

The Infidelity Recovery Center Gives You In-Depth Professional Information

The Infidelity Recovery Center serves as a library where you are exposed to my 7 different types of affairs. You will go in-depth and understand why infidelity has nothing to do with love and is not your fault.

And, I will help you pinpoint, exactly what you can say, what you can do, related to the particular type of affair facing you, that WILL be effective; won’t push them into another’s arms and perhaps will draw them closer.

This is just the beginning, really.

I’ve taken all my most helpful information, expanded on it and placed it in the Infidelity Recovery Center, just for you.

You have a head start if you’ve read “Break Free From the Affair.”

My Infidelity Recovery Center greatly expands on this well acclaimed and first ebook (written in 2002) on infidelity.

Your desperation, your pain your hopelessness will evaporate as you open and devour this wealth of material, as you understand the TRUE dynamics of infidelity and as you formulate a plan for YOU that stands the best chance of drawing them close – if that is what you discover you truly want.

I was on a emotional roller coaster when I found out that my wife was having an affair (#4). Everything you said about the typical reactions for the offended were dead on. Everything you mentioned, I was going through (I was miserable). You helped me more than anyone or any resource ever did. It was uncanny how accurate everything was.


The identification of the affair type, and suggestions to change my behavior accordingly really assisted me to cope! I haven’t really found ANY book offering this kind of information, and NO counselors ever have. It helped with my need to do something to fix it.


Identifying the kind of affair made such a big difference in my state of mind. “I cant’ say No” brought it all home for me.



Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside
The Infidelity Recovery Center Library

You will have specific modules related to all 7 types of affairs. These modules go into much more depth than the Boot Camp. For example, you will learn how long specific affairs tend to last, the first question you must ask yourself, the odds of saving the marriage and more.

You will have at your finger tips checklists that mark your progress. Most flail away, not sure where they are going or if what they are doing is helpfu. My checklistss will let you know exactly what behaviors and words indicate progress.

You will have an opportunity to read others’ stories of infidelity recovery. Places are provided for you and others like you to leave comments, questions and tell your story of recovery. My experience tells me this is invaluable. You learn from others and how they use my checklists and materials. You utter a sigh of relief when you know you are not alone.

You have videos that offer depth on different strategies. I outline extensively 15 different strategies and indicate which works best for a particular type of affair.

You will learn and chart the 22 shifts that occur in the “I Fell out of Love… and just love being in love” type of affair. You have a roadmap for the roller coaster ride in this type of affair.

You will be exposed to the 12 motives for someone engaging in the “I Can’t Say No” type of affair. Plus I give you a format to determine which is most prevalent and the first to expose.

Each module has a Review Section offering a progress report on a 1-5 scale. For example, you measure success in the “My Marriage Made Me Do It” type of affairs across 11 different categories.

The modules are built on practical and doable goals. No fluff. No generalizations the leave you scratching your head on what they look like in action.

The modules are specifically tailored for both men and women. I develop materials that both genders can appreciate and use.
You have personalized access to my input. Periodically I respond to the questions and comments sections, trying to clarify, offer encouragment and guide. Obviously I can’t respond to all, but my responses to others are available for you to read and study and perhaps apply to your situation.

I’m constantly upgrading the modules, adding new articles, interviews, videos on important and pertinent topics for you. You have access to a growing world of quality information.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Join the Infidelity Recovery Center now, and see it for yourself. If within the next 30 DAYS the Infidelity Recovery Center does not meet your needs I’ll give every penny back to you. No questions asked. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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I look forward to personally guiding you in recovery from the infidelity in your life.