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Welcome to the Infidelity Recovery Center

The Infidelity Recovery Center is designed with researched, tested, practical and effective strategies and tactics to help you most quickly and powerfully change the course of infidelity in your relationship. Please start with the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp.

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48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp

Affair Recovery


Break Free From The Affair Ebook

Break Free From The Affair Ebook

The first e-book on infidelity written in 2003, has been used by tens of thousands to help a alleviate the pain of infidelity, determine the type of affair and create a strategy that changes of the course of the affair and the marriage.

  • Learn why you are not at fault
  • Discover the type of affair facing you
  • Determine which strategy works best
  • Discover the length of the affair and how it will end

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Bonus Ebooks

How To “Get Over It” For Good!

When you order Break Free From the Affair, you receive this innovative e-book to help you with confronting your partner.

In this 48 page e-book, Paul and Layne Cutright teach you how to transform your experience of arguments and upsets in your relationships. Rather than avoiding confrontation and “walking on eggshells”, you will be able to safely and constructively talk about things that are hard to talk about.

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The Cheating Spouse Guide

This guide, written by someone who has been-there-done-that, includes effective ways to find out if your mate is cheating. This material is very useful for anyone who suspects sexual affairs or cyber affairs. You will get over 20 pages of information including:

  • How to Tell if Your Spouse is Lying!
  • Signs of a Cheating Spouse!
  • Tactics to Catch Them in the Act!
  • Tactics to Learn Their Past!
  • Things Cheaters Do to Hide Affairs!
  • Mistakes Cheaters Make!
  • Gain Advantages Over Them!
  • Latest Cheating Spouse Statistics!
  • Four-Step How-To-Catch Formula!

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Keep Your Marriage

This is a specially adapted abridged E-book version written for you by Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D. and Lee Hefner. Once Downloaded, You will find:

  • Ten Important Questions to Ask Yourself
  • These questions will Tell you if Saving Your Marriage is possible
  • Twenty-one Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
  • Reclaim Your Marriage with These Action Steps
    • Sixteen Ways to Take Care of yourself
    • Twenty-five Ways to Deepen Your Relationship
    • Twelve Ways to Expand your Inner Skills

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