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The Infidelity Recovery Center is designed with researched, tested, practical and effective strategies and tactics to help you most quickly and powerfully change the course of infidelity in your relationship. Please start with the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp.

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Welcome to 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp

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Begin to Identify your Type of Affair

Type of Affair Chart

Take the next step in pinning down the type of affair facing you. This 70 question survey, with a rating system, helps you objectify the process of discovering the type of affair. Remember, knowledge is power.

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14 Ways to Calm Yourself

Marital Crisis

In the midst of your pain and uncertainty, I offer tools and concepts that will help you
endure, cope and perhaps even, create moments of hope and semi-joy for you. These 14 tips and strategies will enable you to see the world a little differently and approach yourself with more understanding and calm. Others, at the end, tell their stories of using these tips.

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Are You Making One (or ALL) of the 6 Killer Mistakes?

6 Killer Mistakes

I outline for you, in this report, the 6 most prominent and common Killer Mistakes that prolong the affair and your misery and, in reality, probably strengthen the bond of the affair relationship (depending on the type of affair.) I want you to experiment with refraining from using any of these tactics for the next 7 days. I want you to experiment with refraining from using any of these tactics for the next 7 days.

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Identifying the Changes you are Making Now

Boot Camp Shifts

Examine the shifts you are making or desire to make. Note when they happen. Keep them in the top of your mind each day. Live with them for the next few days. Focus.

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Evaluating Boot Camp: Questions to Ask Yourself

Boot Camp Review Questions

What is changing and shifting? You may not think you or your situation is changing, but change and shifts are always in action. Review what you learned and what you were able to implement.

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