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The Infidelity Recovery Center is an online comprehensive, step by step and cost effective program that breaks through the common myths and misunderstanding about infidelity to ease your infidelity pain and recover from the affair. Thousands since 2002 have used the steps and resources of the Infidelity Recovery Center to overcome the devastation of infidelity. Experience a success you can trust with complete privacy and confidentiality.

This PROVEN program helps you, regardless of the type of affair…

“Bob, ten minutes after reading… it changed my life”


“Bob: I am a new man. I discovered my wife was having an affair about four weeks ago. I was depressed, needy, weak, etc.. After reading your book last night, I have an entirely new attitude. I realize it wasn’t about me. It was probably a life saver. Thank you.”


“Your Quick Start Package helped me to keep from losing my dignity by doing vengeful things to him and her. I still have “fantasies” about hurting both him and her, but instead of anger fantasies and rage, they have turned into humorous fantasies about their life together and what harm they will be to each other. ”


This program addressed all types of affairs…

Do any of these jump out at you?

Infidelity is unfortunately and fortunately part of my history.

Around midlife I discovered my wife was “involved” with another man. We lived near the sand dunes of Lake Michigan and vividly remember putting on my running shoes and with every part of my soul in turmoil ran through the dunes until I dropped. All I could think about was the betrayal. My head pounded. My heart felt like it was beating outside my chest. I could not breath. I could not think.

Friends noticed my wife’s inappropriate behavior with the other man; came to me and said in essence, “What are you going to do about it?” (They had no idea how to be of help.) I confronted the other man (whom some would consider a friend) and he said, “Oh, no, we’re just friends. I would never do anything.” I confronted my wife. She denied the affair, blamed me for her unhappiness and then proceeded to ream me out for being a lousy husband and not meeting her needs. (Side note: after our recovery she sincerely confessed to me that there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent or stop the affair. )

We tried four different therapists with the intent of “working on the marriage.” I brought up my wife’s relationship with the other person in one session. She became agitated and angry. The therapist interjected, “This is not productive. Let’s not go there.” We got nowhere; never addressing the elephant lurking in the marital background.

At the time I had a successful private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. (Imagine that!) Knowing what I knew probably got in our way. I was able to see “beneath” my wife’s behavior to her hidden pain and struggle. (She was removed from her home by Social Services when she was 7 and adopted out to a family when 8. Interestingly our daughter just turned 8 at the time of the affair, which I viewed as more than coincidence.) Her “friend” represented that old life which she seemingly needed to reconcile to feel ok about herself. (Side note: It’s interesting that often the most aware and accepting person in a marriage is most vulnerable to a spouse having an affair?) And, in being a Marriage and Family Therapist, I assumed the burden of believing I could fix us or in some way was responsible for her infidelity. Eventually (after a few years!) we put the affair behind us.

My Professional Crusade

Professionally I went on a crusade. There was an element of personally needing to understand, come to terms with and put closure on the infidelity. My friends and family did not understand affairs or my position and were not helpful. Joint counseling was a joke and waste of time, money and energy. Plus, I had received very little training and supervision in treating infidelity. What professional literature existed at that time often focused on something dysfunctional within the marriage – which meant the betrayed spouse owned some if not most of the responsibility for the affair.

I spent the past fifteen years specializing in infidelity. I dug in. I read. I experimented with different interventions with my clients. I confronted the topic of infidelity head on. I wrote the first and best selling ebook on infidelity, “Break Free From the Affair.” Through research, study and the feedback of thousands, created and offer a proven, step by step program of infidelity recovery – The Infidelity Recovery Center.

Step by Step I will Lead you through the Recovery Process - Relief and Results

I will lead you through the recovery process. It is critical that you experience results and feel relief. You need success to build on success. Infidelity can pound you down, day after day, month after month and year after year. Stopping the mind blowing pain , obsessive and negative fearful thoughts and feelings of helplessness is, in reality, not that difficult to reverse and eradicate, if you know the steps to take. Hundreds have emailed about there almost immediate shift in their feelings as they changed their thinking about infidelity. This is huge. Discover the truth about infidelity and you are set free of the pain and fear.

What You Can Expect

I’ve watched the success of thousands over the past 15 years. I’ve noted their progress and the phases they moved through in recovery. These phases correspond to the 5 Levels in the Infidelity Recovery Center. You will note YOUR progress in how you feel, how you think and what you do, as you apply the materials in the Infidelity Recovery Center.

Infidelity Recovery Chart

I’ve received hundreds of emails from those using the materials in the Infidelity Recovery Center. Here’s what a few of them say…

“I’m working the plan. Thank You!!!”


“I am currently home from Baghdad, Iraq for a few weeks and my wife has been having an affair while I have been deployed. Today, while searching the web for divorce and or annulment information I came across your website. I haven’t stopped reading since I subscribed earlier today.”


“Dear Dr. Bob, I wanted to comment about the writing skills. They are excellent! The material sometimes makes me cry and other times makes me laugh. I find myself wanting to read them over and over and am learning a tremendous amount. Thank you! ”


“I thank you – Dr. Bob, from the bottom of my heart!! It is not simply that it is business for you, but your words are often encouraging and means so much to people like myself in times of distress!! I want to give you a sincere word of thanks from the bottom of my heart. Nothing I read is has been as touching, supportive and helpful as this letter I received and the article you sent.”


Bottom Line

If you are in the shock, confusion and pain of infidelity and you want relief and in that relief get a different response from your cheating spouse, now is the time to gain access to the Infidelity Recovery Center.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I find your information extremely helpful and comforting. WOW! I have stopped any and all counseling, speaking to others like family and friends. I am using your materials as a step by step guide to recovery and knowledge. One source and nothing else… to many cooks in the kitchen and your stuff really is helping me regain control, THANK YOU! Just let me know that you received this and knowing you are there HELP A LOT!! THANK YOU BOB!”


“Dear, Dr. Huizenga, Your material is proof of your years of research. I couldn’t believe what I was reading it was so on target. I’ve bought a ton of books…. “Spiritual Divorce”. “I Really Don’t Want A Divorce”, I’ve used the bible , scriptures… nothing has helped… I feel so sad and angry. Its like I hate him and love him. But your book has put a lot in perspective. Anyway, your publication is the best I’ve read in the past 18 months.. Thank you so much…”


“Charge and a little of the Charge Neutral techniques. I believe this took him completely off guard. I also looked him square in the eye and HE actually lowered his. I couldn’t believe it!!! He couldn’t look me in the eyes. THAT has never happened before”


Here’s the Low Down

The Infidelity Recovery Center contains 5 progressive Levels. I suggest you start with the Quick Start Package, which includes:


48 Hour Infidelity
Boot Camp

Affair Recovery

Advanced Affair Recovery

I will guide you, starting with 2 Critical and Primary Steps

So that you are not overwhelmed or feel lost, I will send follow up emails that walk you through the proven and most effective starting points. The 6 Killer Mistakes that Prolong the Affair and your Misery in the Introduction (Level 1) and “Break Free From the Affair” (Level 3) have proven over the years to generate the best results most quickly.


FREE 15 minute personal trial coaching session. If, at any time, you are struggling, confused, want input, unsure of the type of affair, have a need to talk through your situation or want to share a success, email me and I will set up a 15 minute session via phone or gotomeeting. Limited by availability. First come, first served.


Quick Start Package is like Recovery on Steroids – from the privacy and convenience of your home – at a minimal cost – and you KNOW how much the infidelity is costing you, in terms of what you are losing, right now.

“I’ve NEVER felt more aware of things in my entire life….your material has opened my eyes.”


“Hi, I signed up 20 minutes ago. I cannot believe that in 20 minutes, I feel so GOOD. Not about him, not about the affair, not about saving the “relationship”, (I don’t call it that now,) But about ME! ”


“Dear Dr. Bob. There seems to be a lot of wisdom and so many things said that are important. I am trying to process, apply, and use the material in a positive way that contributes to the growth and health of personal relationships. I greatly appreciate the time you put into this site and wonder where your intelligence comes from. It sounds as though you’ve had quite a bit of education. Thank you for putting it to good use and being helpful to others. I rank this kind of professionalism right up there with physicians and surgeons who make tremendous improvements in the lives of others through their skills. There are not enough of you in this world. Sometimes the truth really hurts but is necessary in the healing process. Thank you again”



I could charge you thousands for these materials, painstakingly developed and tested (they really work) over the past 15 years. Out of curiosity I went through some of the materials and assigned them a minimum market value. Here’s the chart

Resource Monetary Value
Quick Start Package - Level 1
Quick Start Package - Level 2
Quick Start Package - Level 3
Advanced Affair Recovery Level 4
15 Minute Trial Coaching Session

For now, I’m offering the Quick Start Package (Levels 1-4 for only 3 monthly payments of $97.

Yes, Dr. Huizenga. Send me my username and password to access the “Quickstart Package” (Levels 1-3) and the “Advanced Affair Recovery Level 4” of the “Infidelity Recovery Center”… for ONLY 3 monthly payments of $97.

100% Money Back Guarantee…

If you are one of the small percentage who do not find any part of the “Quickstart Package” or the “Advanced Affair Recovery Level” helpful in the next 30 days. I’ll refund your money. No Questions asked.

Start the Recovery in the next 5 minutes. Don’t waste any more time: time is NOT on your side. I will point you to two powerful recovery resources which in the next 48 hours can relieve your pain and make a difference with the infidelity.

“… HAS helped me keep my emotions under control. I tried talking with him a little last night, but he wasn’t very receptive; however, I didn’t receive the “blowup” response or just “walking away” with no communication from him that I had anticipated. I used a little of the Neutral Charge and a little of the Charge Neutral techniques. I believe this took him completely off guard. I also looked him square in the eye and HE actually lowered his. I couldn’t believe it!!! He couldn’t look me in the eyes. THAT has never happened before.”


Reading your 7 do’s, then 12 don’ts… played exactly into my situation. Of course, this was at 3am while my “wife” was sleeping somewhere else. The twist is that it’s in the open, and we both talk about it… however, it’s usually involved the 12 don’ts. I memorized the 7 do’s, recited them over and over… and I was singing in the shower this morning. And the perfect song came on the radio while driving into work (Soul Dragons / I’m Free).


Yes, Dr. Huizenga. Send me my username and password to access the “Quickstart Package” (Levels 1-3) and the “Advanced Affair Recovery Level 4” of the “Infidelity Recovery Center”… for ONLY 3 monthly payments of $97.

100% Money Back Guarantee…

If you are one of the small percentage who do not find any part of the “Quickstart Package” or the “Advanced Affair Recovery Level” helpful in the next 30 days. I’ll refund your money. No Questions asked.

See you in the Center!

The best,