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Daily Tips and Guidance to Heal a Marriage Crisis

Every day you receive in your email inbox at either 8:00, 9:00 or 11:00 AM EST, practical and doable Infidelity and Relationship Tips and Guidance from Dr. Huizenga.

The Tips and Guidance keep your thinking on target and your relationship on a healing path.

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Read how others have benefited from these emails…

Reading your email made me cry with relief. Bonnie

Your articles, books, and e-mails were my companions during the worst time of our relationship. I have also forwarded your articles to him and he is also reading them. Eloise

I finally feel that I have truly met someone who really understands the pain and suffering that a wounded spouse truly feels. Angela

Your words and suggestions bring immediate relief and sanity to what otherwise is a lonely, confusing state of reality. Karen

You are the absolute first person, professional or otherwise, I’ve ever seen write about what I think might be going on, in part, in my life and relationships. James

Your words so far are right on the money with what I am going thru. In my opinion for me (actions and feelings) and my spouse (at least how I perceive her opinions of me).

Bob… You’ve been a great resource for more than two years. Your emails have more than helped me through my darkest hours, your advice has saved me from endless pain and frustration… Regrettably, while my marriage could not be saved, I have been, and you’ve been a big part of that. I’m ready to move on now, thanks. Kindest regards. Best of luck.

Here Some of the Topics the Emails Cover

Can I Stop the Affair?
Surviving Infidelity: Charging Neutral
Pain of Infidelity: Knowing his/her “Hole” Helps with Your Infidelity Pain
Confronting the Other Person: Pain or Panacea
Infidelity in Your Marriage: Stop the Devastation by Knowing the Type of Affair
How Do I Confront My Spouse about the Affair?
What is a Good Apology from the Cheating Spouse?
21 Life Lessons from an Infidelity Survivor
4 Shifts you Must Make to EFFECTIVELY Deal with Infidelity
What Everyone Needs to Know about Sexual Addiction
Dare to Be Honest
You are Ok Exactly Where you Are
6 Reasons Being a Basketcase is Normal After Discovery of Infidelity
Holiday Tip #1: Examine Yourself
Holiday Tip #2: There is No Shame in Getting Help
Holiday Tip #3: Accept and Maximize How you Cope
Infidelity Pain: The Key to Hurting Less
It’s Frightening to Truly Love
How Long Will the Pain Last?
You are Not a Bad Person
Affair Recovery: Talking about the Affair
How Do I Get Him/Her to Talk?
Surviving Infidelity: Should We Have Sex?
Healing from Infidelity
Do I Confront the OP?
Infidelity Fears Exist Under Your Pain and Agony Once You Bump Into D-Day (day of discovery?)
Infidelity: Get Your Cheating Spouse to Notice Your Power by Charging Neutral
Infidelity Discovery: From Devastation to Optimism
Surviving Infidelity: 2 Case Studies
Marriage Communication: Getting Your Spouse to Talk
Survive and Recover From Infidelity: Keys to Making Good Decisions
Emotional Affair: Meeting his/her Needs is a Slippery Slope
Your Sexiness is a Trap
What Type of Affair Is It?
Gender and Infidelity
Confronting the Other Person and the Emotional Affair
Will I Ever Trust Again?
Do I Truly Want to be Married to Him/Her?
Overcoming Infidelity in Marriage: Where’s Your Focus?
Sticking to a Routine Can Help Ease the Pain of Infidelity
“I Don’t Want to Say No” and Confronting the Other Person
17 Conditions I Want That Will Create an Emotional Connection
How to Start the Healing with Charging Neutral
Does Plastic Surgery Increase the Likelihood of Infidelity?
Must I Protect My Self?
Does our Culture Promote Infidelity?
“I Need to Prove My Desirability” and Confronting the Other Person
How to Catch a Cheating Husband
The Emotional Affair (personal story)
What Do I Think About in My Worst Moments?
What am I Willing to Tolerate and For How Long?
Confronting the Other Person and the 7 Types of Affair
Finding Strength in the Midst of Infidelity and Tragedy
How Do I Get Him to Talk?
How to Get Rid of the Pain
Marriage is Like a Horse Race
Trust Building: Once a Cheater always a Cheater?
Help for the Emotionally Distant Spouse
Traditional Self Help is Limited – Part 1
Freedom in Marriage
How Do I Stop Obsessing About the Lies?
Internet Infidelity
You Truly Want Love in your Marriage
To Stay or Go?
Marriage and Loss of Freedom
7 Powerful Steps you MUST Take to Recover from Infidelity
Speaking Your “Voice” to Your Spouse
Break Free From the Infidelity Triangle
11 Things You Are Able To Do In A Healthy Marriage
A Key Healing Skill To Use In A Marital Crisis
The Distant Spouse is Either In or Out
Social Media and Cheating
What to do when your Marriage is Failin
Confronting the Other Person Webinar – Intro
Marriage Myths Dispelled: Part 1
Your Marriage Must Reflect Your Terms
Normal People Suffer From Infidelity
Infidelity and Abuse
What is My Strategy for this Type of Affair?
Your Marriage is Lousy: Why that is Normal, and OK – For the Time Being
8 More Communication Blunders That Destroy Intimacy
Emotional Connection without Talking in Your Marriage
Infidelity Advice From a Survivor
More than Relief in Your Marriage
Online Cheating Questions
How Do I Get Rid of the Images?
The Infidelity Journey: Success and Struggle (personal story)
“My Marriage Made Me Do It” and Confronting the Other Person
Marriage Problems and Infidelity: Are You A Chaser?
Speaking your “Voice” to Your Spouse – Part 2
Can I Trust Again? Or…Too Much Damage?
The Intimacy Dance in a Marriage
Help Me Fix My Relationship! How to Connect Emotionally with Your Spouse
The Distant Spouse: I Don’t want to Talk
Respect and Saving a Broken Marriage
Infidelity in Marriage: Key Points in Infidelity Recovery
Marriage Myths Dispelled: Part 2
Types of Affairs: Affair #1 – My Marriage Made Me Do It
The Power of Internet Cheating
Marriage advice to Keep on Track to Save Your Marriage
Your Lousy Marriage…Continued
22 Qualities That Create Emotional Connection in a Marriage
“I Fell Out of Love” and Confronting the Other Person
Emotional Distance in a Marriage: Personal Needs and Frustration
Dr. Huizenga Inteview
Infidelity Healing: How to Stop an Affair
Internet Fantasies and Cheating
Getting Him/Her to “Talk” Part 2
What Gets Triggered in Me?
What Patterns Do I Want to Break Free From?
Keys to Surviving, Overcoming and Coping with the Affair
How do you Handle Emotional Distance?
Drawing the Line on Internet Cheating?
Making Shifts Help Build A Love You Can Trust
Traditional Self Help is Limited – Part 2
To Tell or Not to Tell….That is the Question
Infidelity: How to Make it Through an Affair with Faith
Confronting the Other Person and Affair #7
Where Do You Go for Support and Help?
Distance is a Way to Cope
The Gender Whys of Infidelity
Frustration in Marriage and the Affair
4 Reasons an Affair or Marital Crisis Kills your Self Esteem
Choices when Coping with Infidelity
Surviving Infidelity: What am I Learning about Self/Others?
Building a Love You Can Trust: 3 Key Points about Distinctions
Cheating Spouse: 7 Legitimate Motives for Spying
What you learn about Marriage at 6 will kill your marriage at 36 or 46
Erase the Pain of Infidelity and Extramarital Affairs Quickly
What if S/he Continues Seeing the OP?
Break Free From Emotional Suffering
Extramarital Affairs Make Some Stronger
Confronting the Other Person: Assessment and Readiness
Confronting the Other Person: “I Can’t Say No” Type of Affair
“I Want to Get Back at Him/Her” and Confronting the Other Person
Traditional Self Help is Limited – Part 3
Internet Cheating Comments and Stories
Discovering Internet Infidelity
Is the Distancing Spouse a Bad Person?
Guy Gets Revenge on Wife With Cement Truck