How to Find the Inner Strength, Clarity of Mind,
Support and the EXACT WORDS to
Eyeball-to-Eyeball your Cheating Spouse

Others Just Don’t Get It

Facing infidelity can be a lonely, confusing road with many twists and turns.

Not many really “get” your situation, do they?

Family and friends may give simplistic advice; they are at a loss for words in responding helpfully to you or they feel afraid of the intensity

and repetition of your emotions.

Your situation may bring up their own fears about their own spouse and marriage and may turn tail and run from you.

You are confused. This is new territory and the traditional advice seems simplistic or you find after implementing some of it, downright wrong, doesn’t work and maybe makes matters worse.

You no longer can lean on your spouse or hope they will be there for you. You thought they might, but at times that seems like a pipe dream.

You wish someone would understand, would encourage, would listen, would guide and bottom line would “get you.”

Find the Strength, Courage and Guidance You Need

My one-on-one coaching has been a source of strength, courage, and guidance over the years.

I invite you to consider setting up a Coaching Package with me.

I tell people that working through infidelity if left to your own devices, without adequate input and support takes anywhere from 2-4 years, if indeed it is “worked through.”

Some who come to me, usually after the second or third affair, say that the remnants of the first affair was a poison in the marriage for YEARS – never fully resolved.

How sad!

Infidelity is THAT powerful in decimating your life and relationship.

I received support from someone who gets it.”

At last somebody who was giving practical advice, somebody who called a spade, a spade, somebody who, above all, never gave up on me and understood my dilemma.

Most important to me was the “feeling” that I was being supported by an expert in the field.

Following up on what we talked about in our coaching session… When I told my husband that I could see that he was feeling uncomfortable with what I was saying and that he was clearly troubled with his situation there was a glimmer in his eye which registered that he was almost relieved that I understood. It was important to me at the time.

You are very good at reiterating and more clearly defining what I said.

I learned the exact words to share with my partner to express what I was trying to say. this was especially helpful as I was trying to do the work needed to successfully confront our problem. Writing the letter and then finally giving it to my husband was the most powerful thing i did as a result of the coaching experience.

Factual, intelligent information and advice for those seeking resolution to marital issues using the highest of emotional intelligence.

One-on-One Coaching is pretty simple, really.

30 minute phone consultations over the phone ore skype. We schedule appointments as best fits your needs (once a week is typical.)

I’ve Paid my Dues

I’ve paid my dues. I’ve worked some 25,000 client hours since 1981 and thousands on infidelity since the late 90s when I began specializing.

I have a gift of getting to the core issues quickly and framing for you ways to approach effectively those issues. (I say that not to brag. I’ve just had a ton of training, study and experience. I SHOULD be that effective! Plus I love walking with people and leading the way when appropriate.)

Here’s a word of CAUTION:

I’m a very busy man with coaching and administering my websites (business.)

I typically limit myself to a particular number of hours of coaching per week.

At this moment, I do have some openings.

If there are not opening, I will notify you below,” and you will have an opportunity to be placed on a waiting list.

If One-on-One Coaching with me speaks to you now, select your package below and let’s get started.

I hope to talk to you soon.

Dr. Bob Huizenga

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