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I walked in to my office and my husband, Drew, was reading your materials.  He looked up and said “I’m not sure if I’m #1 or #4. He had a really weird look on his face. He asked if he could print a copy and take it with him.


It was as if he read your web site and followed everything to a tee. It was interesting to see his personality and the other woman’s personality. I was eaten up with guilt and what I should have and should not have done. This helped me to see his responsibility in the relationship. Thank you for your words of wisdom.


Your no-nonsense approach provides me with a structure to think about all the things that haunt me and make me feel so powerless. In fact, it takes me quite some time to translate your strategies into something I might say, but at least it is a source of inspiration for ‘innovative communication’ and when things go sour I think of the do’s and don’ts. It is not so easy to classify the affair as a single type in our case, but it is interesting to see the links between personality, sort of affair, and above all, what can possibly be done, what should be avoided, why things work and why other things don’t under the circumstances.


I thought I had done something wrong in my 24 years of marriage. Your Center has made me see that I am not crazy, I do not deserve my husbands lies and cheating, and that all my anxious and desperate feelings are normal. Given time and healing I may live a normal life, that at 45 I am not at the end. There is hope for me. My husband cannot say no, never has and never will. Type 2 affair relates to him and I was astounded at the likeness.


My wife and I are 4 months into our journey. Your resource helped me identify her personality and put a lot of things into perspective. We are going to counseling and I believe we will make it through this ordeal. But I found your materials to be right on.


The response techniques you advise the person dealing with the cheater work remarkably. I’m dealing with an explosive “I can’t say no” person, and have been able to diffuse a lot of situations. I would have charged superior or defensive rather than neutral and calm. Life saving so far! Thank you.


Bob – I am doing much better since I found your site- its funny but some of your advice is just so basic but when your emotions are involved, its tough to see the forest for the tree’s. Thanks so far for your advice.


Your ebook has helped me with my communication skills with my husband to try and understand his side of the affair. It is definitely a beginning point for starting over. Thanks. Janet

Dr.Bob Huizenga, Your Recovery Center is very helpful. I had read Divorce Remedy and Surviving an affair but I have doing it all wrong. This gave me more insight into the dynamic of what is going on and gave me strategies to work on, something I had a hard time planning out using the other two books. Thank you,


Read as much as I can about affairs to find out what I’m dealing with Discover ‘Break Free From The Affair’ Hallelujah!


I have found your Recovery Center and Boot Camp helpful beyond words. In addition to my counselor, you are helping me take steps and open doors that I have felt were closed to me for so long. Thanks to your prompting, I have begun to surround myself and my three sons (ages 8, 6 and 3) in a cocoon o’ love. So, as simple as it sounds, thank you very much.


I signed up for your Center and read until 3 a.m. (I don’t sleep well these days). I have been going through so many emotions and crying sprees and no matter how strong I tried to be, or talk myself up, I couldn’t get moving in a good direction. I really want to thank you for the sound advice and I was able to identify what I wanted to do regarding my marriage! For the first time in 4 months, I didn’t cry today!


Wow! I really like Bob’s affirming approach about this being a journey. He acknowledges the pain and agony in “the strange foreign land” while at the same time is sees you coming out of this in a very positive way. Everything about him and his advice seems “right on.” I think you found a great coach in Bob. He has specialized in one area…and really knows the patterns and intensity around affairs. He’s also very compassionate and a great communicator who seems to be on target every step of the way.